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Carmencho's work and writings

1985 Decorated papers using Rubber Rollers* (see section 'Rolling Rollers' in this website).
1994 Presentation of the Crossed Structure Binding* during the ‘New Horizons in Bookbinding’ International Conference organised by Designer Bookbinders in Oxford, England (see section CSB in this website).
1998 The Label Binding* (see section ‘Label Binding’ in this website)
2001 The ‘Untouchables'* (see section 'The Untouchables' in this website)
2002 Dromographies* (see section 'Call me Dromo' in this website)

1989 "A Guide to Making Decorated Papers" by Anne Chambers
(André Deutsch Limited - UK)
1996 "De la Dominoterie à la Marbrure" by Marie-Ange Doizy
(Ed. Art et Métiers du Livre - Fr.)

The Crossed Structure Binding
1994 The New Bookbinder Vol.14 - Designer Bookbinders Publications UK
1995 Art et Métiers du Livre - France
1996 Encuadernación de Arte - Spain
1998 Ark - Sweden
2003 Codice 14 - Argentina
1996 ‘Plat dessus plat dessous’
Catalogue of the international exhibition of Crossed Structure Bindings chez Claude Blaizot, Paris (out of print)

The Label Binding
1998 La Reliure à Etiquette - Art et Metiers du Livre n.207 France
1998 Vouwbeen - Holland
2000 Bookbinder, Society of Bookbinders UK
2000 Put a Frame to your Bindings - together with a description of Manne Dahlstedt's sewing frame - Guild of Bookworkers Journal, USA

The Untouchables
2001 The New Bookbinder Vol. 21 - Designer Bookbinders Publications UK

Call me Dromo
2003, The New Bookbinder Vol. 23 - Designer Bookbinders Publications UK

Old Italian Paper Bindings
2011 The New Bookbinder Vol. 31 - Designer Bookbinders Publications UK

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