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A sewing frame

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Finding a frame that could keep the Crossed Structure Binding in place while sewing was not easy. Somebody told me that my Swedish friend Manne Dahlstedt was using a portable frame he had devised for his workshops. I immediately asked him about it and I realised that it was exactly what I was looking for.
Here follows a very schematic description.

A portable sewing frame
This is a lightweight cheap sewing frame very useful for travelling.
A metal band bent four times at right angles (out, in, in, out) is fixed to a table with two "C" clamps.
For the Crossed Structure Binding the cover will be kept in place by putting a metal ruler at the table's edge. The clamps clench the ruler under the two sides of the frame. You can put a board between the cover and the table if you wish. If the straps are too short to be fixed directly to the frame, make a small hole at the end of each strap for a thin cord to go through, then fix the cord to the frame with pegs or clips (see image 4 - CSB Solo).
For conventional sewing the sewing supports are fixed at the top of the sewing frame with pegs or clips. A metal or wooden rod is placed through the clamps under the sewing frame. To keep in place the sewing supports at the bottom, wind them around the rod, then use small weights, like table cloth weights.
If for a demonstration you need several frames you can have them bent graded so that they 'nest' together. It will save room in your luggage.

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