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Crossed Structure Binding Sewings

The idea of making a multipurpose container by linking together a series of ready-made envelopes was given to me by Susanna Carugati in her workshop "I love envelopes" I attended in 2010.
In those days I was working at my FotoBooks and I kept the linking idea to put together a series of paper frames that can be used either for family photos or to hold the images of a graphic work in display.
Foto+ is made of a series of holders linked to the back of one another in the form of a concertina. In a situation where the found images are not predictable in number this kind of container could offer a practical solution: if a new image is to be added a new holder can be linked to the last one.
Each holder is made of an A4 sheet of decorated paper (the final dimension of the Foto+ you see here is 140x135mm).
The paper’s typographical pattern is made with the computer.

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